2015/2016 Student Matinees Announced!

Our 2015-2016 Main Stage season includes 4 exciting Student Matinee shows!

Student Matinees provide students with the experience of attending professional contemporary dance shows followed by intimate Question and Answer periods with dancers and choreographers. Bringing students to live performance expands students’ world perspectives, exposes them to contemporary art and cultivates skills to look, analyze, feel and appreciate a diversity of performance experiences.

In addition to the Student Matinees, our Study Guides provide teachers with contextual information on artists and dance genres along with research activities, studio activities and pre and post reflection/discussion prompts for each Student Matinee. Our innovative Study Guides can be used in tandem with teachers’ lesson plans, other curricular topics and are adjustable to meet students’ needs.

If you are interested in booking a student visit, please email education@danceworks.ca


peter chin


Tribal Crackling Wind (www.tribalcracklingwind.ca)
(Contemporary dance with dancers from Canada, Cambodia, Indonesia and Mexico – Toronto)

Wednesday Sept 23rd 2015 at 12:30 | Harbourfront Centre Theatre | $10 per student & FREE for teachers

Woven explores traditional weaving practices, the revitalization of lost traditions of woven art and working collaboratively with nature. Woven is a meditation and ceremony towards deeper interconnectivity among us all, and with all things, seen and unseen. Woven features an international cast of dancers from Canada, Cambodia, Indonesia and Mexico. To view an in studio performance rehearsal, visit: https://vimeo.com/91225903

The Student Matinee/Study Guide integrates topics such as globalism, traditional weaving and textile work and choreography. Students will have the opportunity to research traditional weaving techniques as well as learn about how these techniques/ideas can be explored through dance. $10 per student

To book tickets email education@danceworks.ca


sportinglife_1 by Nicole Rivelli

Sporting Life

Julia Sasso (www.juliasasso.com)
(Remount/remake of contemporary dance from the 1990s – Toronto)

Friday March 4th 2016 at 12:30 | Harbourfront Centre Theatre | $10 per student & FREE for teachers

Accomplished Canadian choreographer Julia Sasso re-envisions and remounts Sporting Life (originally created in 1996). Placing five characters in conflict, Sporting Life reveals ridiculousness, vulnerability, pain and the potential for redemption. Sporting Life is a series of scenes linked together by theme, movement style and content which investigates human behavior. To view a video made by Michael Downings, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHlAKpQd1-4

The Student Matinee/Study Guide explores Canadian dance history, what is involved in ‘remounting’ a dance piece, ways to archive and revisit dance works from the past as well as themes of contemporary dance, sports and masculinity. $10 per student

To book tickets email education@danceworks.ca



Jackie Burroughs is Dead (and what are you going to do about it?)

Danielle Baskerville / DA Hoskins (www.thedietrichgroup.com)
(Contemporary dance world premiere – Toronto)

Friday April 8, 2016 at 12:30 | Harbourfront Centre Theatre | $10 per Student & FREE for teachers

This world premiere focuses on the light, energy and impulses that drive us following significant loss. Throughout the creative process with DA Hoskins, dancers Danielle Baskerville, Luke Garwood & Robert Kingsbury drew upon personal experiences, including the loss of Canadian stage and film actress Jackie Burroughs, who died in 2010. Burroughs was a highly dedicated contemporary dance enthusiast whose enduring presence inspired many dance artists throughout her lifetime. The work explores the power of reaction – how we observe, absorb and ultimately respond.

The Student Matinee/Study Guide explores how art can be a place to deal with emotional and personal issues as well as aspects of humanity. Through personal reflection, journal entries and choreographic structures, students will be able to explore various emotions through their bodies with movement for pre and post studio activities. $10 per student

To book tickets email education@danceworks.ca



Vital Few

605 Dance Collective (www.605collective.com)
(Hip Hop with Contemporary – Vancouver)

Friday May 6th 2016 at 12:30 | Fleck Theatre | $10 per student / $18 per student for Staging the World & FREE for teachers

Vital Few highlights autonomy and responsibility within a collective consciousness, based on individual dancers’ choice-making within a group dynamic. This work employs six dancers who share in the creative process through collaboration and improvisation. To view rehearsal footage of Vital Few, visit https://vimeo.com/97354339

The Student Matinee/Study Guide looks at the development of Hip Hop and contemporary dance, collective responsibility, collaboration and improvisation. Students will reflect on their own definitions and experiences of collective responsibility and collaboration through studio activities and written journal reflections. $10 per student

Staging the World! DanceWorks and the Harbourfront Centre’s School Visits program are offering a special Workshop & Student Matinee package for student groups. Participate in a half day workshop at the Harbourfront Centre with a local dance artist before seeing Vital Few on Friday May 6th 2015. For more info visit, http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/schoolvisits/?p=1608 $18 per student

To book tickets email education@danceworks.ca



Vancouver’s 605 Collective Chats With Toronto Students

605 Collective panel 2

605 Collective premiered New Animal, choreographed by Dana Gingras, for Toronto area school students on November 15 at the Enwave Theatre. The work mixed film and movement (along with lemons), and brought applause and gasps of excitement from the young audience.

Former Education and Outreach Manager at DanceWorks, Kate Cornell, led a post-performance chat with the 605 Collective. The group shared insight about their dance beginnings and activities outside of stage rehearsals. From Shay Kuebler’s training in martial arts and capoeira, Lisa Gelley’s love of ballet at five years old and her rock-climbing jaunts, to David Raymond’s childhood tap dancing, and Josh Martin’s admission of video gaming during the off season, the students enthusiastically responded to the 605ers.

Dancer Amber Funk Barton even detailed elements of Dana Gingras’ rehearsal process as a playful mix of task-based improvisations such as exploring how to survive a bear attack or an approach from an anaconda. Ms. Barton went on to declare that her favourite moment in the piece was “chucking lemons”, as it’s a unique opportunity to initiate a food fight in a theatre.

If you missed the show, here is a video clip (just as the lemons meet their demise) and a collection of images from the pre-performance stage warm-up (just before the dancers take on their New Animal personas).

605 Collective warmup1 605 Collective warmup4605 Collective warmup

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