WHO: Wen Wei Dance

WHEN: Friday, October 21, 2016

WHERE: Harbourfront Centre Theatre

TICKETS: $10.00 for students & FREE for teachers! Email education@danceworks.ca

WORKSHOP AVAILABLE: Yes, workshop will be led by Wen Wei Wang. Cost TBD.

Made in China is an interdisciplinary performance uniting the talents of four creators/performers whose contemporary art practices have been influenced by China’s Cultural Revolution. Three of the artists, Wen Wei Wang (Artistic Director, Wen Wei Dance); Yanjinzi Gao (Artistic Director, Beijing Modern Dance Company); and Qiu Xia He (Musician, Silk Road Music) grew up in China and studied traditional arts from a young age. Video/sound artist Sammy Chien, who immigrated to Canada from Taiwan, is their younger counterpart.

Made in China emerges from the artists’ life stories and shared cultural history. “All my work”, explains Wang, “comes from my experience growing up. But this work is not narrative, and it’s not only about me. It’s about how “made in China” is starting to mean something else. It is about people in China needing art, and producing it.”

Photo by Donald Lee




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