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WHO: Radical System Art

WHEN: Friday, April 28, 2017 @ 12:30pm

WHERE: Harbourfront Centre Theatre

TICKETS: $10.00 for students & FREE for teachers. Email education@danceworks.ca.

WORKSHOP AVAILABLE: Yes, workshop will be led by Shay Kuebler. Cost TBD.

Premiered at the 2015 International Chutzpah! Festival, Glory, was inspired by the epic, imaginary battles of choreographer/performer Kuebler’s childhood passion for action films. The piece examines the complexities of violent behaviour and its glorification in our media-drenched culture.

A company of six bold and dynamic performers create a physical essay around numerous themes of glorification with an “… athletic mix of martial-arts and street-tinged contemporary dance…” (Georgia Straight).

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