DanceWorks’ matinees provide students with the experience of attending a professional contemporary dance show, followed by a lively question and answer period with dancers and choreographers. Attending a live performance offers students the opportunity to expand world perspectives and cultivates the skills to watch, analyze, feel, and appreciate a diversity of performance experiences. Workshops allow for further enrichment as students work directly with artists and explore movement, composition, and themes presented in our matinee presentations.

In addition to Matinees, DanceWorks’ Study Guides provide teachers with contextual information about artists and dance genres, and a variety of cross-curricular classroom activities. Our innovative Study Guides can be used in tandem with teachers’ lesson plans and are adaptable to meet students’ needs.

Matinee tickets are $10.00 per student and complimentary for teachers. In-school workshop prices vary and subsidies are available to schools in need of assistance.

Here is the 2016/17 Student Matinee season:

Wen Wei Dance (October 21 @ 12:30pm)

Throwdown Collective (February 10 @12:30pm)

Radical System Art (April 28 @ 12:30pm)

If you are interested in booking a Student Matinee or in-school workshop, please email Catherine Romano, Education and Outreach Manager at

Photo by David Cooper