Solitudes Solo marks the beginning of a new cycle for Daniel Léveillé – the dancers are no longer nude and their vulnerability is emphasized through choreographic phrases as they stand alone in the spotlight.

Performance Critic and Journalist, Fabienne Cabado, suggests that Solitudes Solo “presents us with Daniel Léveillé at the height of his powers and a choreography that is as finely chiselled as a diamond necklace”. For Festival TransAmériques, Cabado goes on to write:

Being is no longer attained through nudity. To better unveil his dancers, Daniel Léveillé subjects them to the test of the solo and to impossible choreographic scores. The infinite slowness of improbable sayings is now added to his last three works’ rough and syncopated dancing. A man holds a pose while falling in slow motion; a leg endlessly detaches itself from a body out of its axis. Minutes of eternity during which emotions come up to the surface. Unexpected softness, almost lyrical. Sublime beauty of intensely present dancers. To the sound of Bach violins that no human destiny could ever interfere with, they quickly pull themselves together; put on their armours anew. Clenched fists, glaring eyes, they leave again for the fight. Solitude is their battlefield.

DanceWorks presents Solitudes Solo on October 23 and 24, at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre. Purchase tickets to Daniel Léveillé Danse here.