Kathia Photo

Dancer, Kathia Wittenborn, is a Toronto-based independent artist currently working with Tribal Crackling Wind and artistic director, Peter Chin. Originally from Montreal, she graduated from Ballet Divertimento and then moved to Toronto to pursue further professional training at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Upon graduating in 2013, she has worked with Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Peter Chin, Marie Lambin Gagnon, Shannon Litzenberger, Jane Alison McKinney, Red Sky Performance, and remounted work by Rachel Browne.

We asked Kathia to chat about her work with Peter Chin and an international cast.

DanceWorks: How did you become involved in the production of Woven?

Kathia: I worked with Peter Chin for the first time during my third year at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Peter was invited to create a piece on our class entitled, Bright Fight.

I instantly clicked with Peter`s style of movement, as well as, his natural talent at creating strong energies in and through space. After enjoying my time with Peter at the school, I was thrilled to hear back from him with an interest in working together. My first work with was, Feet, which premiered in Shannon Litzenberger’s, Everyday Marvels, at Nuit Blanche in 2013.

Between Peter’s many travels, we have been working together on and off for the past two years on what has brewed into Woven.

DanceWorks: Describe your experience working with an international cast of performers. What is most interesting? Most challenging?

Kathia: It has been a pleasure and wonderful opportunity to be in the studio with this international cast. Each allowing their cultural influences and backgrounds to shine through. They have been highly trained in their respective country’s traditional dance and have shared that with the rest of the group. Some of these traditional influences have made their way into Woven along with their powerful attentions to detail in movement and embodiment.

Small challenges turned out to be amusing and educational. Some dancers not being fluent in English had us all finding new ways of communicating or attempting to speakanother language. Multilingual Peter often came to the rescue.

DanceWorks presents Woven, choreographed by Peter Chin, from September 24–26 at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre. You can purchase tickets to Woven at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre Box Office or online.