Bboyizm Bitz


Did you know Bboyizm was founded in 2004 by dancer-choreographer, Crazy Smooth? Considered a premier street-dance company in Canada, Bboyizm is committed to the promotion and preservation of all street dances. The company believes that authentic self-expression enables an individual – and by extension, a community – to realize its full potential.

Bboyizm’s newest work, Music Creates Opportunity, is the third of the company’s theatre productions to tour Canada, in addition to Evolution of Bboying and its critically acclaimed ensemble piece, IZM. Bboyizm has been nominated for a Dora award (2012), won the Atlantic Presenters Association Touring Performers of the Year Award (2013) and won the Ontario Presenters Network Emerging Touring Artist of the Year (2012).

Take a look at an interview with Crazy Smooth, filmed for the Canada Danace Festival in 2011. Smooth talks about his first work IZM and the relationship between hip hop and contemporary dance.

Bboyizm’s new work, Music Creates Opportunity, runs April 25 – 26, 2014 at 8pm at the Enwave Theatre. For tickets call 416.973.4000 or email for a special student and educator promotional code.

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