Secrets behind The Heist Project with Belinda McGuire

Belinda McGuireWhat is your favourite word?

Probably “débrouillard” in French – I think I rolled my “r” properly for the first time with this word.

What is your favourite book?

Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut

Where is your favourite place?

New York City.

What do you like to eat on your birthday?

Lobster and chocolate – in succession, not together.

What music do you listen to? 

I like classical, indie, alternative, tango, some rap and trip-hop. Bossa-nova can almost always hit the spot, and electronic dance is irreplaceable when it comes to endurance workouts.

What is your guilty pleasure television show or website?

My entertainment choices are pretty respectable, and not very many to begin with (I don’t have a TV).  Downton Abbey is getting pretty soapy, so I might eventually feel guilty about watching that… we’ll see how Season Four goes.

What style/technique was your first dance lesson? 

Irish dance – I was five, the steps were too small and complex and I found it frustrating.

What profession, other than dance artist, would you like to attempt?

Secret agent, though I’d probably have to give up my dual citizenship.

What is the Heist Project about in five words or less? (if you don’t count “and” and “through” this is five)
Ambitions, obstacles and resourcefulness exposed through movement.

The Heist Project

Enwave Theatre, 231 Queens Quay W.,
Fri. Mar 8 – Sat. Mar 9, 2013, 8pm

Choreographer(s) – Belinda McGuire, Emio Greco, Sharon Moore, Idan Sharabi
Performer: Belinda McGuire
Composer: Jerome Begin
Costume Designers: Katharine Mallinson, Belinda McGuire

A Harbourfront NextSteps Series Event
For tickets:

This interview has been edited for content and length.

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