Homeward Bound: Shannon Litzenberger talks to DanceWorks

Where is your favourite place?

What can I say, I love the prairies. The big open sky. The horizon that’s calculated in miles instead of blocks. The silence. The endless space that is always so full of potential. It’s the home that shaped who I am.

What music do you listen to? 

My partner is a DJ and it drives him crazy that I’ve never had a good answer to this question! But he tells me that I immediately respond to any kind of music that I’ve ever danced to. Even if I have no idea what the song is called or who wrote it…

What style/technique was your first dance lesson? 

I started in RAD ballet at the Melville Dance Association. I was lucky to have a great teacher (Debbie Karius, who still teaches for the association!) and great training as a kid, despite growing up in small town. I also spent many summers at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School.

What profession, other than dance artist, would you like to attempt?

I already have a second career as an arts policy specialist / arts activist. I have a great curiosity about the rules and systems that govern how we work in the arts and often see lots of room for improvement! While this work is much more intellectual than it is physical, it somehow helps provide a positive balance for me in terms of how I satisfy a variety of interests. Working in the field of arts policy and advocacy is also a way for me to help improve the working environment for artists. It’s my way of giving back to my community.

What is your piece about in five words or less? Identity, belonging and place

For more information on HOMEbody please visit: http://www.shannonlitzenberger.com/dance/
This interview was edited for content and length.

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