Reflections on the Season gone by

At the close of the 2011-12 Season, it is time to reflect on a busy year of dance. This year, DanceWorks added three extra shows – based on demand.  The season included four successful student matinees, notably the sold-out very exciting Bboyizm show in April.  We began a new Education program that included workshops, bilingual study guides and bilingual talk-backs.  Sylvain Emard, Sylvie Bouchard, Crazy Smooth and Melly Mel taught 17 movement workshops in 10 schools in English and French.  It was a privilege to watch these talented artists and dedicated teachers share their craft with captivated students across the GTA.

Photo by John Lauener

We look forward to next season.

Oct 18-20, 2012 @ the Enwave Theatre
DW197 RUBBERBANDance (Montreal)
Nov 16-17, 2012 @ the Fleck Dance Theatre
DW198 LA OTRA OTRILLA (Montreal)
Feb 15-16, 2013 @ the Enwave Theatre
DW199 WEN WEI DANCE (Vancouver)
Mar 1-2, 2013 @ the Fleck Dance Theatre
Apr 11-13, 2013 @ the Enwave Theatre
DW201 CIE FLAK (Montreal)
Apr 19-20, 2013 @ the Fleck Dance Theatre


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