L’amour, toujours l’amour: An interview with Sylvie Bouchard of BoucharDanse


Histoire d’Amour

DanceWorks Mainstage Event

Enwave Theatre

Thursday May 3 through Saturday May 5, 8pm

Interview by Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert: What is Histoire d’Amour all about?

Sylvie Bouchard: Histoire d’amour is the story of two people who relentlessly come together, throughout centuries, to experience love in all its beauty, innocence, darkness and elusiveness.  They are accompanied by an ethereal figure who leads the way, also reflecting on his own journey of love, loving and lovers. But of course, the interpretation is open, and so whatever someone sees in the work will never be wrong!

LR: What do you hope audiences will experience at the show?

SB: My hope is for the audience to be transported, and taken on a journey that makes them feel, think, react and be surprised. I hope to take them on a ride where they feel guided without knowing what’s ahead.

LR: How did you choose your collaborators?

SB: I instinctively chose my collaborators one by one, as the process unfolded…people who would be a good fit with other collaborators already part of the project. Marie-Josée Chartier, director of the production, also brought some of the collaborators on board. Everyone involved is so incredibly generous; it is a gift to bring a team like this together.

LR: What is it about love – amour — that compelled you to make this project happen?

SB: Thinking about how elusive love can be, and the idea that it takes a very long time to learn how to truly love… perhaps even centuries… Also, the thought of courage, and how relentless we are at continuously trying to find love, define love, and re-define love.

LR: What, to you, is  ‘dance theatre’?

SB: Dance-theatre is of course a term that implies that some elements of dance and some elements of theatre are utilized in the work, but the end-product can vary greatly. I have used dance and theatre together in different ways, but mostly, in ways that allow me to use the poetry of dance, and to infiltrate it with a “more or less abstract” narrative aspect. I love the idea of telling stories, and I love the challenge of creating a narrative for a piece, so that the journey of the performers / characters makes sense.

Performed by: Brendan Wyatt, Sylvie Bouchard and Christian Laurin, Histoire d’Amour features choreography by: Susie Burpee, Denise Fujiwara, Louis-Martin Charest, and Sylvie Bouchard/Louis Laberge-Côté.

This interview has been edited for length and content.


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