Interlock – A Conversation with Jasmyn Fyffe

Jasmyn Fyffe Dance presents


a DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event

Winchester St Theatre, 80 Winchester Street

Mar. 14-17, 2012, 8pm

With Choreographers: Jasmyn Fyffe, Karen Kaeja, Kyra Jean Green

and Patrizia Gianforcaro


Interview by Lucy Rupert


Lucy Rupert: What is Interlock all about?

JF: Interlock is a mixed program of six works including three world premieres. There are four choreographers on the program including me. I feel the varied choreography will make the evening dynamic and a great night out.

LR: What do you hope audiences will experience at the show?

JF: I hope audiences will experience a range of human emotions (and a desire to come and see us again). We want to take the audience on a journey that will leave them wanting more.

LR: How did you select the choreographers included in this program?

JF: Karen Kaeja has been mentoring me for the past two years and I really wanted to commission her as a senior artist in this city. I felt like I could learn a lot from her during this experience. I commissioned Patrizia Gianforcaro because I love her movement style, but I also wanted to commission an emerging choreographer to have a full scope and range of artists in my show.

LR: Since you dance, or have danced in many of your own choreographies, how do you balance your choreographer and your dancer selves in the creative process?

JF: I don’t think about the balance too much. I “just do it” like NIKE. I will say that of late I have tried to step out of my work while I am choreographing. When I step out, I feel my head is a bit less foggy and I am able to create in a much clearer and concise way. But the balancing act is inevitable and I have gotten use to it.

LR: Your company used to be called As the Spirit Moves dance and is now Jasmyn Fyffe Dance — can you speak a little bit about the name change and what it signifies?

JF: I felt the need to associate my name with my company, mostly for marketing purposes. Having a generic name is fine, but I felt that using my name as my company name would increase my visibility. So far, so good.

This interview has been edited for content and length.

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