Urgency: A Conversation with Sylvain Émard

Sylvain Émard Danse (Montreal)

Fragments – Volume I

A DanceWorks Mainstage Event

Enwave Theatre

Sat. March 3, 2012, 8pm


Interview by Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert: What is Fragments – Volume I all about?

Sylvain Émard: Fragments – Volume I ­­­­ is about urgency. I wanted to work with this idea by asking each dancer what was urgent for them at that time. They came up with different answers. I like that the subject really became part of them.

LR: What do you hope audiences experience at the performance?

SÉ: I hope people are going to be touched by each individual in every piece. The pieces are very different from each other. Audience members will probably relate more strongly with one specific piece, and that one will be different depending on each person.

LR: How did you decide to work with a mix of dancers and an actor?

SÉ: I wanted to go back and work on smaller forms, shorter pieces, as I used to do when I started many years ago. For that, I needed to work with performers [of dance or theatre disciplines] who could handle a solo performance. But most importantly, they had to inspire me.

LR: What qualities do you most desire and/or admire in the performers you choose to work with?

SÉ: Physical skills of course: good dance technique or significant stage experience. Generosity and confidence are also very, very important. It is crucial in terms of a real commitment to the work.

LR: What keeps you inspired?

SÉ: The need to explore new ways within dance to express our human nature. And the need to do that with great artists.

This interview has been edited for content and length.


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