Kicking butt in a killer dance piece: Interview with Andrea Spaziani, member of Alias Dance Project

The First LP

A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event

Alias Dance Project

April 12-17, 2011 at 8pm at the  Lower Ossington Theatre

Tickets: 416 204 1082

Interview by Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert: There are amazing choreographers on this programme. Can you tell me how the choreographers were selected?

Andrea Spaziani: Alias Dance Project is interested in choreographers who are shaking things up and whose work exists outside the traditional definition of technique and performance. Solid State Breakdance challenges the perception of urban dance; Valerie Calam combines contemporary and urban dance forms. Our whole company has trained with Heidi Strauss and Apolonia Velasquez, so we wanted to collaborate with these exceptional artists.

LR: Apolonia and Heidi are co-choreographing a dance piece? Could you speak about that process?

AS: Heidi and Apolonia met for the first time when we brought them together at a coffee shop and pitched the project. It was almost how it used to be in school: the teacher puts the class into groups and asks students to work with people they may not know, or may not get along with. Most of the time, it doesn’t work out. But somehow, Heidi and Apolonia made a killer dance piece … and they made it seem so easy!

LR: The mission statement for Alias Dance Project speaks about socio-cultural concerns in relation to your creations and productions. How do you integrate these concerns into your work?

AS: It means we have a [social] conscience, and that we want our projects to reflect the things we’re thinking about; our questions and perspectives. We try to make this happen by working collaboratively: the artists in the room contribute to each process physically and contextually.

LR: There is a lot of female strength embedded in your upcoming show. Is this a conscious choice?

AS: Yes and no. It’s true that the Alias Dance Projects dancers are all female and strong. In our approach and training, we strive to be able to do whatever our male counterparts can physically accomplish. But it’s not a conscious decision; we’re just living life and kicking butt, one push-up at a time.

LR: Could you give me a brief description of what to expect at The First LP?

AS: This is not your regular black box show. Sit back and enjoy the performance in a groovy, copacetic lounge atmosphere designed by Trixie and Beever. DJ Patootihed will be on the decks spinning live from the audience.

This inverview has been edited for length and content.

Buy tickets: 416 204 1082


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