An interview with the formidable Fortier of Fortier Danse-Création


A DanceWorks Mainstage Event

February 11 -12, 2011 at 8pm at the Fleck Dance Theatre

Tickets: $33.50 General Admission / $22.50 Seniors, Students, CADA. Call 416 973 4000 or click here

Interview by Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert: What compels you to work as a soloist?

Paul-André Fortier: Working solo is a singular adventure. Instead of transposing your vision on to another body, the channel is direct. Your mind and your body work as one unit, with no adaptation and no distortion.

LR: What drew you to work with Rober Racine and Robert Morin, your collaborators on Cabane?

PAF: I am always attracted to collaborators that are more skilled than I am. They scare me and they challenge me. They make me better.

Racine, the composer, has always collaborated with dancers, so my proposal to work together was not unexpected. Robert Morin, the video and film maker, is my icon. Through working with him, I got to know him personally. And what a man – what a creator. A force to be reckoned with. He will not allow anything to deter him from his goal; this is an important lesson for me.

LR: What was the inspiration or launching point for Cabane?

PAF: While I was dancing Solo 30×30 in Nancy, France, Cabane imposed itself. I was dancing Solo 30×30 on the roof of a cabin in the middle of a huge parking lot. Dancing for 30 days on that roof made me realize that there was great potential for a project where the cabin would be the focal point.

LR: How was the set devised?

PAF: I designed the cabin based on ones I had seen in Japan at a contemporary art show. My friend Daniel Vallée then constructed the cabin based on my specifications, and it became ours. The cabin really took on all its dimensions during the rehearsal period and became a real character. So now instead of a duet, we have a trio.

LR: You have been dancing for over forty years. What continues to inspire you in the dance milieu in Canada?

PAF: Passion, passion, passion.

View a performance extract

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