Fresh Typecasting

Fresh Typecasting: An interview with Pamela Rasbach of Typecast Dance Company

Missed Connections

A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event

January 13-15, 2011 at 8pm at the Winchester Street Theatre

Tickets: $18 General Admission / $15 CADA

Call 416 204 1082 or click here

Interview by Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert: Where did the company name “Typecast” originate?

Pamela Rasbach: When Nicole Cornish, Matt Sweet and I all got together in 2009 to discuss what the name of our company would be, we came up with a few names  – many of which are still inside jokes within the company – but Nicole Cornish came up with Typecast. We wanted to capture the idea that young people can often be “typecast” (i.e. young people do not typically run dance companies) so the name Typecast fit our vision quite well.

LR: Is there a personal inspiration for Missed Connections? Have you experienced the “failure of social media as a means of real human connection” (to quote your website)?

PR: It’s an idea that was on my mind for a while until I figured out how to say it through dance. It’s funny – through creating this piece I’ve clarified my point of view, yet now I see it everywhere. I have personally experienced missed connections in my life; those moments you share with people, which seem so significant at the time, and then they are gone … a mini tragedy.  “What if?” is probably the saddest question.

LR: What is the thematic focus or aesthetic standpoint for Typecast?

PR: In one word, the aim is to be fresh.

LR: What have been your strongest artistic influences so far?

PR: A lot of my influences are dance related, but not necessarily choreographic. The main influences in my work come from teachers, directors, even artistic pioneers … people who have shaped the way we create and learn dance.

LR: If you had to pick three words to describe Missed Connections, what would they be?

PR: Disjointed. Technological. Robotic.

Tickets: $18 General Admission / $15 CADA: Call 416 204 1082 or click here


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