An Interview with Victor Quijada, artistic director of RUBBERBANDance Group

choreographer of Loan Sharking

Presented by DanceWorks at the Enwave Theatre November 26 and 27th at 8pm

Interview conducted by Lucy Rupert

LR: If you had to choose four words to describe your work Loan Sharking what would they be?

VQ: Greatest Hits Vol. 2

LR: From your point of view, what are the specific similarities between b-boying, contemporary and classical dance?

VQ: There are several similarities. For example, when a dancer spontaneously creates movement phrases that call and answer with the music, or counterpoint and syncopate against a soundtrack. Another similarity between these dance styles is the ability to execute the most virtuosic physical maneuvers.

LR: Where do you find your points of inspiration for launching into a new work?

VQ: Inspiration is sometimes a small bundle of ideas, concepts, or questions that must be tested or proven. I am often interested in finding new solutions to old problems or questions.  I see myself as a storyteller and I am interested in witnessing an individual’s journey.

LR: What do you dream for the future of your company?

VQ: I hope to continue developing RUBBERBANDance Group’s choreographic style, using tools that exist solely when contemporary dance is paired with urban dance. I hope to expand my movement vocabulary and creation techniques and to broaden the impact of my work in the international dance community.

LR: What do you see in the future of dance in Canada?

VQ: When considering visual art in our post Hip Hop world we have come to accept that whether you are painting on canvas for an art gallery or creating spray-painted outdoor murals, artistry has occurred. Similarly, dance creators and performers that are raised in this generation will possess information from urban, classical, and contemporary dance forms. I believe that this is the next progression in dance. I believe that this is the future.

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