Interview with Kate Hilliard, choreographer of ‘The Brutes’

The BrutesA DanceWorks CoWorks Series event

The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen St W

Thurs. Sept 9 – Sat. Sept 11, 2010, 8pm

Sat. Sept 11, 2pm

Interview by Lucy Rupert

LR: Where does the title “The Brutes” come from?

KH: When I was a child I owned a book called The Little Brute Family by Russell and Lillian Hoban, a quirky tale about a family of grumpy pessimists. They discover a beam of sunshine, which infects their dark little hearts and the family learns to appreciate the brighter side of life.

LR: What is “The Brutes” all about?

KH: I’m interested in how people react to adversity – I believe that it challenges our self-esteem. How do we see ourselves and how does self-actualization influence our perception of the world?

LR: Your dramaturge (Corinne Donly from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC) has a prominent part in your work; how did you develop this relationship and what does it mean to your work?

KH: I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Corinne, as our differing backgrounds serve the work we make together very well. Corinne and I were introduced at The Springboard Professional Project for young choreographers and she has played a vital role in crafting the spoken work used in The Brutes and influencing the way the dancers have been directed.

The BrutesLR: How did you choose your performers for this piece?

KH: I gravitated toward these performers – selected through an audition in Montreal – because of their abilities to craft unique physical behaviours.

LR: What do you dream next for yourself as a creator?

KH: I would like to continue working with the people with whom I’ve had the fortune of working over the past few years.


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